No discounts are available on Private Events.

Team Building and Large Groups 

All rooms accommodate up to 6 players.  Reserve Two to five rooms of your choosing.  

Our rooms are appropriate for ages 13 and up.  Our rooms are challenging.

These rooms are available for special bookings Monday through Wednesday.  Pricing is $175 per room for up to 6 players per room.  One player per room MUST be an adult 21 and over.  You will be assigned your own Game Master to help facilitate your adventure.  To book during Monday through Wednesday at least 2 rooms must be reserved.  Minimum pricing is $350 and accommodates up to 12 players.  Rent all 5 rooms and the 5th is free.  

2 rooms $350 (up to 12 players)

3 rooms $525 (up to 18 players)

4 rooms $700 (up to 24 players)

5 rooms $700 (5th room is FREE) (up to 30 players)

Dates and Engagements

We can make special accommodations to make your experience fun for 2.  We can hide "Will you marry me?" as the final clue.  We will not take responsibility for engagement rings so you will be responsible for keeping that on your person until the appropriate time.  We can arrange it so that family members are there at the end of the game to take pictures and to celebrate.  We will allow more than the standard 3 clues to help you and your soon to be betrothed ability to get through the room since they aren't designed for just two players.  No hanky panky....  Yes, you read that...  Pricing is $200 and includes your own Game Master to help facilitate your exciting event, special photo props, and an unforgettable experience.  Contact us for details.