- No refunds are given at anytime for any reason.

- Credit will be given for any rooms cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. 

- Credits will have up to 6 month time limit, at the discretion of the the situation.  These will not be extended.

- Price includes sales tax.  

- No credit will be given for rooms cancelled with less than 24 hours notice in advance.  Please send people in your place.  Think of these tickets as concert tickets, the space is reserved for you, whether you show up or not.

- No shows receive no credit, no exceptions.  Be prepared for games to start on time.  Always arrive early.  If you arrive late, your time will be deducted from your play time

- Gift certificates can be purchased through the website.  These do not have an expiration date.  Donated gift certificates and in store purchased gift certificates will expire 6 months from date of donation. These will not be extended.  

- All players must sign a waiver, no exceptions, prior to beginning the game.  Adults must sign one for their minor child(ren). 

- Phones and wallets can be stored in our individual lock boxes provided during game play.  NO PHONES allowed in the rooms.  We can make an exception for someone required to always have their phone professionally.  You MUST step out of the room to take a call.  The time to the room will not be paused.  NO CAMERAS allowed in the rooms.  There will be hooks for jackets and umbrellas.

- Any other belongings need to be left at home or in your vehicle.

- You are not actually locked inside the room at any time.  You can choose to leave at anytime, but you will forfeit your chance of being on the leader board.  

- Three clues are given during game play.  You can negotiate for extra clues, but you forfeit your chance at the leader board and the right to purchase the I Escaped t-shirt.

- To be on the leader board all players must enter and exit together within the time frame and not have more than three clues.  

- Minors must be accompanied by an adult 21 and over.  

- Anyone that intentionally breaks a puzzle by forcing it open or resets a lock while in the room will be responsible financially for damages.  

- We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  

- Intoxicated people will not be allowed to enter the game, you will not be given a refund or credit if you show up intoxicated.  

- You are not to share the answers or specific information about the game with anyone.  It ruins the fun for them and can effect our leader boards.  

- If you do not book all the spots in a room, we may add another group to your room.  

- No food or drinks allowed.   

- Some rooms may have areas of dark play.



$30 per person, price includes sales tax (recommended for age 13 and up)  Younger children are allowed if the parent believes they are mature enough to stay in the experience and play well with others.  Parents are responsible for their children's behavior.  These games are not designed with children in mind. These are challenging.  

Special Room Pricing on the Private Events page.  


Coupon codes to save 15% are as follows:

Active Military "activemilitary"

Public Service workers discount (Police, Fire, EMT) "publicservice"

Must bring ID with you and show the Game Master.  Good for reserved games only, not available on merchandise or walk ins.  Must redeemed at time of booking.  No refunds on discounts.