Up to 6 players.  At least one player must be over 21.  

All rooms are recommended for age 13 and up and any children must act maturely in the room. This is not a children's activity.  Children can be valuable help with a group of adults but this is challenging and meant for a more advanced audience.  

Your entire group is poisoned when you come together to celebrate a recent success. Your enemy waits for you to succumb to the poison so they can take credit for your discoveries.  They have bound and blindfolded you.  Can you work together to free yourselves and find the antidote in an hour?

Brief blindfolding and hand bondage.  Not recommended for anyone concerned about that.  

Brief play may take place in the dark.

To book:  Please select your desired date and time, how many tickets you want to reserve, and complete registration.

Please read our Policy page before visiting the first time to understand our rules and regulations.  

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