Escape Artists War Town

Escape Artists is a locally owned escape room concept business. 

Groups enter an originally designed themed room of their choosing and work together to perform a task within an hour. A clock will countdown your time and your goal is to stop the clock before time runs out. This is your main goal. 

As an added fun competition, we have leader boards, groups will be competing with other people who have completed the same themed room to try and beat the times.

At the end of the one hour time frame, you can either take pictures with our custom signs that prove you escaped or to show that you didn't. Those that top the leader board will have special signs and props. Social Media is a HUGE part of this concept and we encourage posting photos taken after the room is played. Phones are NOT ALLOWED in the room during game play. We have lock boxes for wallets and phones. Please leave large purses and bags in your vehicle. We also have shirts available for purchase. Our "I ESCAPED" shirts can ONLY be purchased if you group completed your task and can ONLY be purchased the date you escaped. Our Logo shirts can be purchased at any time.

What to expect :

  • All rooms are booked in advance on the website.  NO REFUNDS or credits for no shows.
  • Please make yourself aware of our policy page.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your game time. Please use the restroom prior to entry into the game. If you need to leave during the game you will forfeit your chance of being on the leader board.
  • A Game Master will be assigned to your group and will greet you and get you started. They will also be available to give three clues during game play.
  • All players must sign a waiver, no exceptions, prior to beginning the game. Adults must sign one for their minor child(ren).
  • Phones and personal items can be stored in our individual lock boxes during game play. NO PHONES allowed in the rooms. NO CAMERAS allowed in the rooms.
  • Your Game Master will brief you on your task and show you to your room. Once they leave the room your time will start. You will have one hour to complete your task.
  • If you complete your task, you can exit and take photos using our custom props and signs. We will take a photo for our social media pages. You will have the option to purchase an "I ESCAPED" logo shirt. These special edition shirts can only be purchased on the date you escape.
  • If you don't complete your task, you will exit at the end of the stated time limit of the room and take photos using our custom props and signs. We will take a photo for our social media pages.